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The Irish Youth Brigade is the result of two new Irish organizations in the Huntsville, AL area that were recently established and have really energized the parents of the Irish Youth to organize in support of the Irish community and the community at large.  The first is the Irish Society of North Alabama ( which is focused on outreach to the community for Irish heritage and the organization is very family-friendly that allows children to meetings and maintains a family friendly focus for the majority of events they sponsor or co-sponsor.  The other group is the Ancient Order of Hibernians - Huntsville Division which has brought the Irish Youth fathers together in fellowship and christian charity and also embraces the Irish Youth. 
And, although both groups embrace the Irish Youth, there were several children of the group's members that wanted an organization of their own.  An organization where they could support the other Irish organizations, learn more about and embrace their Irish heritage through youth oriented meetings, and support the community at large.
With that, the Irish Youth Brigade was formed.  The Irish Youth Brigade slogan is "Youth Embracing Their Heritage And Supporting Their Communities!"  The respect of their heritage is instrumental and one of the major focuses of the Irish Youth Brigade is to have members from other Irish organizations discuss Irish heritage and answer questions in youth oriented meetings.  In addition, the Irish Youth Brigade is about integrity and support of the community, which is a central tenant of the overall Irish community.  So with that in mind, the Irish Youth Brigade supports other Irish organizations but also the community at large. 
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